What Live off tours is about?

Live off your life!

Live Off Tours - About Us

We often come across the situation where we think if it is possible or not, the best answer lies with yourself. Explore your life, enjoy your life, live your life, but fear Lord almighty, your life is in his hands.

You dont need a travelling Agent to live your life!
Some of the best trips are the ones that you explore yourself !
we never liked the thought of giving our hard-earned money in travelling agent’s hands who probably have never even been to the place where we are planning to explore, so instead of searching for travelling agents we often looked for the information we could find for our next big trip, but guess what!, it was never enough and organised to completely rely upon.
hence we came across the idea of  “live off tours” where we will be providing you with all the information you need to plan your trip, we want to encourage people to travel and we know that ” to travel is to live”. But travelling is about to hit the roads by yourself, to explore and witness everything by yourself, remember those school days when we explored “not allowed” places and no one knew it except our best friends? those were the times when we found our true happiness, and today we want you to live that again, your true happiness.
since we are avid travellers who are always looking for new places, we will be sharing our experiences so that you will never have to depend upon anyone except your GOD almighty. 

Who are we?

We are 2 soulmates who are always looking for vivid destinations. Offbeat,  Onbeat, and sometimes without even any beat, we are always on the verge to explore new places and share our experiences.