places to visit in nainital

5 essential Places to Visit in Nainital 2021(weekend getaway)

Nainital needs no introduction for mountain lovers!!!

It will be an injustice to write for the 5 places to visit in Nainital, being a proud lover of this place with having visited it more than 40 times, and still mesmerized by its sheer simplicity, the place surprises me every time I get a chance to explore it, and my love for it grows deeper as I spend more time in here.

This place is about 325 km from Delhi and the usual route you take is:

By Road:
“Delhi – Hapur – Bridghat – gajraula – muradabad by pass – kashipur – bazpur – kaladungi – Nainital”.

Train Route:
you can take delhi to haldwani train and then take taxis/buses to reach

Places to visit in nainital
places to visit in nainital

Nainital(avoid kathgodam station as there is no transportation available to reach the main city).

By Bus: 
you can take direct buses to Nainital from Delhi Anand Vihar Bus stand. Now lets delve into the busy mall road of Nainital and talk about the places you can explore here.

Nainital Thandi Sarak | Offbeat mall road

Once you have seen the hustle-bustle and jingbang of mall road and done with the shopping and roadside snacks, start your walk towards the petrol pump(tallital) and keep walking towards the road that moves to the right side and takes you to thandi sarak. it is a gated road from one side and bhutiya market(Tibetan Market) on the other, so no motor vehicle is allowed at all and hence the serene lush green beauty with Naini lake accompanying you while you enjoy your stroll on the beautiful road. On the way you will find lots of spots where you can sit close to the river, dip your feet in the water and be at peace, no one is there to disturb you except fishes and quackling ducks. This place is very underrated and I never understand the reason why people never keep it in their “essential places to visit in Nainital” bucket. And yes, that’s me below posing for my wife!

places to visit in nainital

If you continue to walk on this road further, you will reach the Bhutiya Market of Nainital where you can shop for clothes articles and some of the best Momos and thukpa(Tibetan food). If you follow the mentioned route then you start from tallital goes all the way around the lake from Thandi sarak and reach to mallital, this way you explore all the beautiful corners of beautiful Naini Lake.

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Eco Caves Garden

Experience one of the most adventurous places to visit in Nainital.

Eco Cave Park is one of the most popular places to explore, it is hardly 3.5 km from Nainital lake towards the Kaladungi road.

I went there about a couple of years back and the place left me spellbound with the awesome natural beauty. As the name suggests, you enter the caves to see the raw beauty of mountains, since there are different levels of difficulty based on how adventurous a cave could be, you choose from the one that suits your capability.

it is suggested to take a guide and try all the levels of caves, in some of them you have to literally crawl your way to reach the end. If you call yourself an avid traveler or explorer then you must visit this place.

Note: you might end up ruining your clothes if you crawl, but it is definitely worth doing at least once in lifetime.

Nainital Woodland Waterfall

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Coming from Nainital towards the Kaladungi road, about 2 km from Eco caves garden and 5-6 km from Naini Lake, you come across this beautiful place you can never afford to miss. In my initial days when I started exploring Nainital this place was complete woods and there were hardly any tourists. But now government has modified this place a lot to make it secure for tourists. You have to pay some amount for tickets to enter into the area where you see this beautiful waterfall. Honestly, the waterfall is not very big like Kempty fall in Mussoorie,  but it justifies the place. It is probably not the best but definitely one of the worthy places to visit in Nainital. Moreover, the walk in the place is very serene and you will enjoy every little minute you spend here. you can also find some food joints near the place to fill your hunger with some snacks.

Rope Way! One of the best places to visit in nainital.

Towards the bada bazaar near rikshaw stand on mall road, you can find a road going up to the right, you can easily look for the sign board “Rope Way”.

undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of Nainital. It costs about 350rs per person and you are in a cabin dangling on wires taking you to the highest point and giving you the lifetime experience of witnessing high mountains beneath your feet.

while you are in trolley, please follow the instructions shared with you, don’t panic if you are fear of heights because it is very safe, and don’t shout or make unnecessary voices.

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Once you are on top, you have exactly 1 hr to explore the place and check out snow-laden mountains. this place is very happening with lots of activities like Go-karting, horse riding etc., you can also find lots of food joints and try your luck on games where you can win some soft toys(I never won one though).

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if you want to experience a night stay here at top of the world you have a very good option, there is only one Govt homestay that you can book online and enjoy the beauty of the place. i recommend staying here in winters when this place covers with snow, you will never regret the time you spent here. if you want to book the gust house you can contact on the number given below.

Uttrakhand Tourism
ph: 05942 – 238570
M: 9411108017

Nainital Zoo

Nainital Zoo is a must-visit in your bucket list, me and my wife loves this place and visit here every time we are in Nainital. Unlike any other Zoo, it is located at a high altitude and you must be physically fit to explore the entire place, the entire place is an uphill climb, and animals are kept in their very natural habitat.

places to visit in nainital

Here you can find many species that you might not see in any other zoo in India, high altitude and cold temperature makes it a perfect for Himalayan animals.

One of the cutest things you can find here is Red Panda, I don’t remember if I have ever seen this animal anywhere else in real.

places to visit in nainital
places to visit in nainital

I wouldn’t hesitate to mention the Royal Bengal Tiger, the animal is so beautiful that you realise how small is human and how majestically GOD has created this planet earth.

Tickets are not required for senior citizens with age 60 and above, but it ranges between 50 to 100rs for children and adults.

places to visit in nainital
places to visit in nainital

How to Reach

there are 2 ways of reaching Zoo, one is to take the Zoo shuttle that you can book from mall road near India Hotel, it takes  about 80-100rs per person(depending on season) and leaves you 1km before the ZOO, from there it is uphill climb till the main entrance.

another way is to start your trek from mall road near rikshaw stand(tallital) and takes the uphill road, there are no signboards but if you ask any local you will get enough help, I prefer trekking towards the place because it is short in distance and you see a lot of beautiful and photography worthy spots enroute.

Note: Nainital Zoo is about lot of walking, so if you are travelling with a senior citizen or simply don’t want to fatigue much then it is preferable to avoid this place, having said that this place is very safe and you can find plenty of hotels, shops, shacks etc enroute.

Tiffin Top| one of the underrated places to visit in Nainital

If you want to give Horse Riding a try then this place is a typical choice in here,  you can book your horse to reach the tiffin top, lands end, and china peak. you can even trek to these places but if you are looking for serious trekking then I wouldn’t recommend going to these places. These places are much more tourist-friendly and less adventurous for avid travellers.

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There are still many places that i haven’t mentioned yet, there are many things that are still yet to be explored. If you are looking for a short getaway and want to spend couple of days in peace and leisure and Nainital has almost everything the quench your thirst, and you will never regret a single minute you spent here.

if you like our post and found it informative, or if you want us to write more about Nainital and offbeat places nearby to explore, please write us in the comment box. we will be happy to answer all of your queries. If you want to explore more about the vivid places and beauty of nature, click here

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