From Delhi to Dalhousie by road 2021

A journey from Delhi to dalhousie by road 2021 | complete information with Cinematic Vlog | dalhousie monsoon

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It had been quite some time since we last hit the highway roads, and were desperately waiting to feel the sweet aroma of pine trees and lush green mountains again. It was a month of August 2021 and was pouring cats and dogs at almost every hill station. After a lot of research and confused analysis, we decided to experience this beautiful road journey from Delhi to Dalhousie. What purposefully started as a calm, peaceful and leisure trip, ended up a thrilling, chilling and unpredictable journey. 

Dalhousie is an impeccable destination for people seeking sheer peace of mind and a place away from city’s hustle bustle(at least this is what we had in mind before visiting!).

From Delhi to Dalhousie by road 2021

Route & road conditions from delhi to dalhousie

Dalhousie is situated in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh at about 570km(approx) distance from Delhi. The usual route you take by road is Delhi – Ambala(210km) – Ludhiana(108km) – Jalandhar(62km) – Pathankot(105km) – Dalhousie(87km). Usually the road conditions are buttery smooth through out the journey, and if you have some experience of driving on hills, you can easily drive your vehicle to the place. In our case there was a landslide between Pathankot and Dalhousie, so the police barricaded the main route and directed us to follow the other route via a small village. This route was relatively bigger and had few rough patches, but again it was good enough to drive on.

If you are looking for public transport then there are direct buses that operate from Delhi to Dalhousie, you can book buses from,  the usual fair costs between 1500 to 1700rs and takes about 11hrs to reach.

you can also book a train till Pathankot and then take a bus to reach Dalhousie.

Accommodation and local market

Once you reach Dalhousie you have plenty of options to stay from budget friendly hotels to luxurious 4 star properties. Local tourist spot and mall road is basically the road between Subhash Chowk and Gandhi Chowk, distance between these 2 Chowk is about 1.5 to 2kms and you can find hotels and food joints at both the places. One side of the road that connects Subhash Chowk and Gandhi Chowk is called Thandi Sarak(Cold Road), because this road is always under a mountain’s shade so it always stays colder then other area. Traffic is usually not allowed at this road and you can enjoy beautiful stroll amongst the forest of Pine trees. 

Delhi to Dalhousie by road

Thandi Sarak

We booked our hotel “Ashiana Regency” which was located at 5 min of walking distance from Subhash Chowk near HDFC bank. You can contact the hotel at (70186-35522) and book the beautiful property. I will share our room’s pics at gallery section of our website here.

Places to Explore

Covering Delhi to Dalhousie by road is itself an experience and you have plenty of places to explore once you reach here. Since i am already very excited to share my experience, let me tell you something personal before i start. When i started this journey, leisure and peace was in my mind, I had heard a lot about Dalhousie that it is a very calm and peaceful place with nothing much to do except to relax and witness the beauty of nature. But when i reached here, I had a whole new experience and now i can say i have explored this place in a much better way. I will share my experience starting from something i have already shared a glimpse of.

Thandi Sarak

To experience this place to the fullest I would suggest you to start walking from Subhash Chawk and continue strolling towards the Thandi Sarak, this 2kms walk will take you to the main mall road and the famous Dalhousie cafe. Trust me this road is so beautiful that you wont even realize when you complete these 2km and reached mall road. This road goes through the dense forest, the sweet aroma from rich flora and clouds touching your skin will surely give you goosebumps. If you like photography, this place has a lot to offer and if you watch closely, you can find life in almost everything around you.

Thandi Sarak Dalhousie
A Snail Enjoying rain at Thandi Sarak
A random Insect at Thandi Sarak

After enjoying all that beautiful nature walk we finally reached the mall road and it started pouring again, so we took a break at a restaurant and had Tandoori Chai. After some time the rain stopped and we continued our journey, since it was already 5pm and we were not sure what to do next, we proceeded towards the taxi stand and found about a place called “Panchpula”, initially me and my wife were skeptical about what if we do not like there and all, but then we decided to give it a try. We had no idea about what we are going to explore now and Panchpula was the first place that changed our every single assumption about Dalhousie.

Panchpula, first surprise on our trip from Delhi to Dalhousie

Panchpula is a beautiful place at about 3kms from Dalhousie mall road and even famous by the name “Waterfall”, you can either book a taxi or drive your own vehicle there as road conditions are pretty decent. We decided to hire a taxi that took 500rs and met an amazing man Mr. Subhash(taxi driver/guide). 

As we stepped in at this place we were stunned by the rich green beauty of the place and the colorful vibes around us. Panchpula is famous for its beautiful waterfall and adventure activities, but the colors and atmosphere of this place gives you a whole new experience about Dalhousie. Panchpula is one of those beautiful places where you can sit inside the natural water stream coming from waterfall and enjoy your snacks & maggie.


A thrilling experience

Panchpula offers many adventure activities where you can enjoy walking bamboo bridge and zipline at only 300rs. If you are an adventure seeker then it is a must do activity and trust me you can never afford to miss it. It looks little scary once you are at the middle of bridge, but if you walk step by step and keep a slow pace, it is an amazing thrilling experience.

Bamboo Bridge Dalhousie

Once we were done with having snacks and adventure activities, we proceeded further to finally experience the waterfall we came to see here. It was surely not one of the biggest waterfall I had seen but trust me, the beauty of this fall will take away your breath and you can enjoy the flowing water amongst the dense forest. Sheer site of this place will leave you spellbound with every single step move closer the waterfall. Unfortunately I could not take the waterfall’s pic as my camera’s battery drained out, but below is the last pic that is a way to waterfall. You walk through the bridge shown in the pic below to reach the actual waterfall.

Waterfall Dalhousie

Something strange to shop for:

Apart from the activities above you can shop for some very authentic clothing at this place, specially a blanket called “Khatola”. This blanket is one of a kind as it is made from a type of Sheep’s fur without killing the animal. You can only rent this blanket for 2 year as the fur of the blanket actually grows in real, just like living thing. Specialty of this blanket is that it can be used in winters as well as in summers, one side of the blanket is cold and other side is warm. This blanket is also very famous in Leh and Garhwal region where it is called by some other names(I don’t exactly remember). We also saw pics of couple of TV stars buying these blankets from the same shop. If you visit this place at least have a look at Khatola, shopkeeper wont mind showing you this thing even if you don’t intend to buy it.

Beeji's Park Dalhousie

Beeji's Park

The following day we called our same taxi driver Mr Subhash(9418316281) and he was kind enough to pick us from our hotel with no extra cost. We booked him for full day tour that majorly covers 3-4 places with approximate price from 2000rs depending upon the season. We started our journey in the morning at around 9:45am and the first destination was Beeji’s park.

Beeji’s park is situated at 3-4 kms distance from Dalhousie main square towards the Khajjiar road. This place is dedicated to the mothers of all martyrs

 of India. This park makes you feel very proud on being an Indian and besides, you can click some very amazing pics near the dummy Army tanks, Air Force Jets and lots of beautiful flowers.

mini Switzerland of india, khajjiar!

After clicking plenty of pics at Beeji’s park we headed towards our next big destination which is called the mini Switzerland of India, beautiful Khajjiar.

Khajjiar is 22Kms from Dalhousie main square and one of the most popular destination for tourist. It is an open ground located at the height of 1,920 meters above sea level with a beautiful tiny lake in the midst that makes this place a paradise for photographers.

from delhi to dalhousie

It takes about 1.5 – 2hrs to reach here from Dalhousie main square and the road conditions are pretty decent to even drive your own vehicle here. After 11km(approx) from Dalhousie there is a road diversion, road to right goes to Dainkund(I will talk about it little later) and the road to left goes to Kalatop Wildlife century, Khajjiar lies further 10km inside the Kalatop wildlife century zone. No wonder why this 10km road is surprisingly beautiful and very well maintained.

Activities in Khajjiar

From horse riding to paragliding, this place has almost everything to offer. If you are seeking for little thrill you can even try jorbing and lots of other water activities as well. 

For horse riding we paid 300rs which was fair enough for a round of Khajjiar ground, and yes that’s my wife enjoying horse riding in khajjiar.

When you feel tired and hungry of doing activities then this place has some of very nice hotels and restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Veg and Non Veg cousins. If you want to live this place for a whole day then you can contact below mentioned property, it offers night stay at this charming location.

from delhi to dalhousie

“Parul Guest House & Restaurant”, Khajjiar, Distt. Chamba (H.P) 176314
Contact Mr. Jagdish Sharma for booking: 94183-12126, 88943-07474, Email:

Next time i would definitely like to stay at this property, i wonder how it would look like at night in khajjiar. Anyways, we had our lunch and headed to our most beautiful destination of this trip, Dainkund Peak.

from delhi to dalhousie till the most beautiful place, Dainkund peak!

from delhi to dalhousie

Elevated at 2755m above the sea level, Dalhousie’s highest peak and zero point, Dainkund. It is an easy hike of 2 kms that leads you to place which is almost impossible to explain in words.  If you are coming from Khajjiar, then after exit point of Kalatop wildlife century you reach at a main diversion. From here you can see a road that goes up on the left side, this road takes you to the starting point of Dainkund point. Once you reach here, you can then park your vehicle and start hiking. It is a simple hike on a fairly maintained road that leads you to the top of the mountain. If you have recently started taking interest in hiking, or if you are looking for a easy and very beautiful place to trek then this one of the best place to explore.

This beautiful hike starts from a dense forest of Deodar trees, and before you even realize, you reach at the top of the world. It was almost 4 pm when we reached at this place, and just like anyone else, we had few more locations to cover today. But trust me when you reach here, you don’t want to go anywhere else from here. Hence we dropped our all plans, just sat there at the top and watched sunset, it was the best moment of our trip from Delhi to Dalhousie

Places we couldn't cover on our trip from Delhi to Dalhousie

If you have some more time in hand, there are few more places that you can explore around Dalhousie.

Kalatop Wildlife Century

Kalatop Dalhousie

When you take the road to Khajjiar, you reach at the gate of Kalatop Wildlife century. When you are here you can take an entry ticket for you 4 wheeler and go inside the dense forest. This place is called Kalatop because the forest is so dense that the Sun barely reaches to the ground, and it stays dark(at some places) even in daylight. There is a Govt rest house inside that you can book online if you want experience a night stay in this jungle. The road conditions are bit bumpy here and i would recommend hiring a taxi to go inside, avoid trekking here because this place is a home to Himalayan bears and leopards.

If you are looking for a thrilling trek in these dense forest, then there is a trail that starts from Kalatop century guest house and reaches to Khajjiar. It is 10-12km trek and should only be done with a guide because of great chances to encounter Himalayan bears enroute.

Ganji Pahari Trek

This is a easy to moderate level trek and starts from Panchpula. You can drive your vehicle to Panchpula and then start your trek from here. Even though it is said to be an easy trek and can be done by anyone, i personally would not suggest it for everyone, and surely not if you are trekking solo. It is a very dense forest with very high chances of animal attack, hence please take a guide whenever you are planning to do this trek. If you book your trek in advance you can even do the camping at the top of the hill.

Chamera Lake

Located at about 25kms from Dalhousie, this is an artificial lake located at an altitude of 1700 meters. Chamera lake is actually a reservoir made by Chamera Dam, hence this lake is huge and one of the biggest attraction for tourists. You can enjoy a lot of water sports activities and speed boating. If you have some time in hand then it is a must visit place that offers a lot of thrilling activities.

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