Live off Tours

Life is one, so Live Off…!!!

LiFe is oNe... so LiVe oFF...!!!

you get only one life, and nothing is permanent, but if there is something you can hold on to forever is the “memories”, the moments you cherished in your lifetime, times when you travelled with your loved ones and the places you witnessed by your own eyes.

we spend our life chasing for the things we never achieve, the mystery called life entangles us in such a majestic way that we do every possible thing to survive strong, but eventually we forget to live.

“live off tours” is a tiny effort to make you acquainted with the beauty of nature and share our experiences to keep your travelling spirit high.

Travelling is like falling in love,  you dont see different things, but you see things differently, you do what you want and go crazy, you fall in love with yourself, and the most important part is, you feel happy!

come with us to embark on our journeys to explore the wonders of planet Earth.

you were born to live, love and travel, else god would have made you a tree